Policies and Procedures

Inclement Weather
We will walk your dog, rain or shine, unless you instruct us otherwise. We wipe all muddy paws. However, if a dangerous weather condition such as lightning or hail arises, a scheduled walk will be postponed until immediately after the weather clears.

Key Policy
If you wish, we can lock your key in a secure box in our office until it is needed for pet care services. Each key that we keep is marked with an identifying number and the name of an animal. All other information, such as the names and addresses of owners, is kept on a master list separate from the key box.

If we keep your key, future assignments can be handled via telephone. We are happy to return your key after services have been completed. However, a $5.00 pick-up fee will be charged if we have to make a trip to pick up the key before the next date of service.

Keys will ONLY be returned to you or your representative in person. We will not leave keys behind on the last day of service under any circumstances. We will only mail keys, via Certified Mail/Return Receipt, if you inform us verbally or via e-mail that you have returned to your property, and you accept responsibility for the mailing costs. This is necessary to safeguard the security of your property and the safety of your pets should an emergency arise and your return is delayed.

At your initial consultation, we will require two copies of the key. One is kept in the office at all times as a back-up.

During Holidays, a cancellation fee equal to 2 visits will be charged for any cancellation that occurs within 48 hours of the scheduled start time. At other times of the year, a cancellation fee of $10 will be charged for any cancellation that occurs within 24 hours of the scheduled start time. All other cancellations are subject to a full refund, unless travel is required to return the key. In that case, a $5 drop-off fee will be assessed.

For the purposes of this policy, the following dates are considered Holidays: December 31, January 1, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, December 24, December 25.

Returning Home
North Dallas Pet Sitters will continue our services until you notify us that you have returned home. We must receive a phone call or e-mail as soon as you return. If you get home after business hours, you can leave us a voice-mail. If we do not hear from you, and we are unable to reach you by phone, we will continue to make visits to assure the continued health and safety of your animal(s). In such cases, you will be charged an extra visit fee. We will not assume that you have returned home safely unless we hear from you.

Dangerous/Aggressive Animals
We believe that every dog is a treasured member of the family. However, not all dogs are suitable candidates for in-home pet care. Some dogs are overly territorial and can become dangerous when strangers enter their homes. This creates a hazard for us.

If your dog has a history of biting or attacking persons entering your home, kenneling may be a safer and more appropriate choice for all concerned.

The temperament of each animal, regardless of prior history, will be evaluated at the initial consultation, and NDPS reserves the right to refuse service to anyone on that basis. You know your dog best; so please inform us if you have any doubts about his or her ability to deal with strangers.

Frequency of Visits
To ensure the health and safety of your pets, visits must be on a daily basis at the very minimum. Under no circumstances will we agree to see cats or other animals on an every-other-day or less frequent basis.

Holiday Surcharge
There will be a $5.00 per visit charge added on the following holidays: Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, Thanksgiving Day, and Easter Sunday.

Emergency Calls
There will be a late-night charge of $5.00 for requested visits after 9 p.m. Emergency calls between midnight and 6 a.m. will be double the listed per-visit rate regardless of the cause of the emergency.

All new reservations will require at least a 25% nonrefundable deposit at the initial consultation in order to reserve the dates. Payment in full is due before the first day of service. If services are cancelled, all funds paid will be applied to future pet-sitting visits.


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